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Why Health & Safety should be your business’s top priority

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Posted by Safe365 on 18 Aug 2021

Gone are the days of 'she'll be right' in the workplace when it comes to Health & Safety. In recent years the nature of Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the workplace has evolved rapidly, with increasing legal implications and more recognition of the importance of keeping employees safe. Fundamentally, businesses focused on improving health, safety, and wellbeing by integrating it into daily workflows are more likely to perform better.

Why is Health & Safety so important?

Health & Safety should be on the top of any businesses list of priorities. Aside from the legal implications of accidents occurring due to Health & Safety oversights, there are a huge number of benefits to having the right steps, protocols and tools in place in all aspects of your business.

Health & Safety extends not only to keeping employees safe from physical harm; staff mental wellbeing is quickly becoming a key consideration for businesses. The lines between personal life and work-life have become blurred with the post-Covid-19 working from home world and the emergence of awareness regarding mental health & wellbeing.

In Safe365’s experience of working with businesses to improve their Health & Safety, they have found that businesses who take Health & Safety seriously tend to:

  1. Win more work
  2. Build better customer relationships
  3. In a tough labour market, they are more attractive places to work
  4. Be more productive and diligent in day-to-day work routines (i.e., make fewer mistakes)
  5. and lastly, generate less harm!


What's changed with Health & Safety regulations?

WorkSafe NZ has increased its presence in applying the requirements outlined in the Health & Safety at Work Act (2015), both pre-event (such as worksite inspections) and post-event (such as prosecutions of businesses and their directors).

Over the past few years, all this activity has increased awareness by SME shareholders, directors, and senior management that doing nothing is no longer an option.

Safe365 says, "In our interactions with thousands of kiwi SMEs over the past couple of years, one of the more poorly understood realities is that looking at health and safety as a value-creating asset for the business will reap many rewards rather than taking a 'paying the tax' mentality. The most significant barrier to progressing these great business outcomes is leaders within the business having the willingness to unlock greater awareness."


Safe365 – the ultimate Health & Safety tool every business needs

Safe365 is a simple, cost-effective SaaS (software as a service) health & safety tool. It enables a rapid business self-assessment, identifies strengths and gaps, and uses smart algorithms to focus your improvement effort. The Safe365 platform provides an app, templates, playbooks, and digital tools to support you in building capability where needed.

Safe365 enables businesses to keep their employees safe while also meeting due diligence obligations. Their online subscription options include the digital health and Safety maturity and continuous improvement tool, which is rapidly becoming a staple in NZ businesses.

There are no big drawn-out implementation projects; with Safe365 you can sign up online and get started. n3 has negotiated a special offer for our Members to access Safe365, click here to start a free trial and access a 12% discount if you take out any Safe365 subscription.

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