• n3 MEMBERS 16,000
  • MONEY SAVED $72,000,000*

Success Stories

Our 16,000 Members have saved over $72,000,000. Here are some of their stories.

$13,180 saved

Mount Maunganui Golf Club

"I first discovered n3 in a previous job and immediately saw how much we could save with different Suppliers. At Mount Maunganui Golf Club, we've expanded our n3 accounts and are now looking for more Supplier options. The main benefits are the clear savings and discounts, and the biggest change has been finding new Suppliers through n3's buying power."

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$33,430 saved

North Shore Golf Club

"n3 helps us access better discounts than we could negotiate alone, thanks to their strong buying power. We've found the Trade Card handy for Suppliers we don't use often, saving us from opening new accounts while still getting discounts. "

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$39,575 saved

Brightwater Engineering Limited

"Since joining n3 through Transporting NZ, we've witnessed immense savings thanks to our dedicated account manager. The simplicity of n3 has brought tangible benefits to our company and employees. We've noticed significant reductions in costs across our main Suppliers, and with Trade Cards at our fingertips, we're unlocking even more savings. n3 has truly transformed our bottom line."

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$20,174 saved

Northbridge Lifecare Trust

"We use n3 to access great business savings. The detailed expenditure reports we receive assist us with our budgeting and resource planning. The significant time savings are a standout advantage, as n3 handles all the heavy lifting for us. Additionally, they serve as an invaluable source of knowledge. Highly recommended!"

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$2,619 saved

ASPEQ Limited

"n3 acts as the go-between Suppliers and us, saving us lots of time and effort trying to find the best prices ourselves. The process is quick and smooth, and our Account Manager regularly keeps in touch to ensure we get the most out of our n3 Membership. Our team find the n3 Trade Card App very useful as we don't have to have the physical card with us."

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$59,515 saved

BestStart Educare

"n3 is an amazing all-in-one solution that helps us consolidate our business costs, simplifies our approach to saving money, and even helps us maintain our centre budgets."

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$986 saved

Gymnastics New Zealand

"We access the benefits of n3 via NZ Sport to help with reducing business costs and enhancing purchasing performance. We don’t need to waste time worrying if we are getting the best discounts as the negotiating has already been done for us by n3. Our staff really enjoy the Trade Card App as it saves the hassle of remembering to have the card on you. "

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$1,321 saved

Bryant Earthworks Ltd

"Being part of the Civil Contractors NZ Association, we appreciate having a supportive network that includes access to n3. n3 is a great group to be with, it doesn’t matter where you are in the country, you still get the best pricing."

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$1,773 saved

Log Lease Ltd

"As President of FICA, we brought on n3 to complement our association services around 3 - 4 years ago. Our smaller logging contractors have the buying power to get better deals through n3 suppliers, normally only available to bigger companies. "

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$23,222 saved

Wellington Free Ambulance Inc

"We love having suppliers available within the n3 network that have already had due diligence undertaken by n3, and they have negotiated the best price for us. We can access a range of suppliers and discounts without having to spend hours completing full procurement exercises."

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$9,300 saved

Soar Communications Group

"Our managers get good use from the Trade Cards from various retailers we only use occasionally and don’t have accounts with."

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$3,914 saved

Pakuranga Golf

"We've been a member of n3 since 2012, through Sport NZ. By negotiating pricing, n3 helps us save on costs. They also regularly update their offers and bring on new Suppliers. "

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$1,749 saved

Levin and Horowhenua Veterinary Centre

"n3 does a lot of the work for us in negotiating deals; we just have to monitor new suppliers that have come on board and see which are appropriate to us."

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$30,161 saved

King Cooling & Heat Pumps Ltd

"Because n3 has already done the negotiations, we know we're getting the best possible pricing when purchasing products from n3 suppliers. The savings we make through n3 we pass on to our clients, meaning we can offer more cost-effective solutions than our competitors. "

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$2,015 saved

Eastland Fire Compliance & Locking Ltd

"Our business is kept busy looking after our customers. I don’t have time to run around negotiating prices and service agreements with every supplier we may need. I’m happy n3 does this for me, and the proof is in the savings we’ve been making every year. "

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$63,594 saved

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga

"The things I like about n3 are the great specials and bargains we get, along with everyday competitive pricing; as well as the n3 Trade Card."

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$22,716 saved

Site Safe New Zealand

"n3 is so easy to use. Many of our staff work regionally, the n3 Trade Card enables them to pick up supplies easily and quickly when travelling between training courses, events, consultations and audits. "

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$1,781 saved

Cenkaro Limited

"We’ve been with n3 via the Registered Master Builders Association for around a year now. For us, the n3 offer has enhanced our purchasing power."

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$18,330 saved

Texture Group

"Using n3 is a simple way for us to save money on materials we need for our landscape construction projects. One the best things we find is all the work and negotiating with suppliers is done for us - saving us time and money."

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$96,286 saved

EcoChill Ltd

"We’ve been a long term n3 member through the Climate Control Companies Association. The n3 Buying Group is great – having a big pool of companies in the Group means we all get access to better savings. "

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