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Are you getting the most from your telecommunications provider?

Now Business
Now Business
Posted by Now Business on 11 Apr 2024

Are you getting the most from your telecommunications provider?

With the average business estimating it could last just 16.5 hours without the internet and 1 in 4 needing it back within an hour to keep going1, it's clear that solid connectivity is the lifeblood of Kiwi business.

In terms of getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to your telecommunications services, in the hustle and bustle of running a business, it's easy to overlook ways to optimise your telco setup. 

Here are three simple tips to make sure you're getting the most from your current provider:

  1. Take a minute to check if your broadband plan still matches your needs. 

    Technology is constantly changing, and internet speeds are not excluded from that, what was considered fast a couple of years ago might be old news now. It’s not uncommon for us to find businesses we engage with on 100/100 plans, which were created many years ago when internet needs were lower and have largely been replaced by 300/300 or even 900/400plans, offering substantially faster internet, often at comparable prices. Check your bill; you could be paying too much for an outdated service.
  2. Reflect on the support you’ve received over the last year.

    Time is precious when you're running a business. Spending hours on the phone with your telco provider isn't just frustrating; it's taking you away from more valuable tasks. The same goes for dealing with outages – lost productivity can mean lost dollars. If you’ve had lost time and money at the hands of your telco this year, it could be time for a change.  
  3. Is your calling up to scratch?

    There have been significant improvements in phone systems in recent years. The introduction of cloud-based technology has given businesses significant productivity gains over traditional phone systems. Products like our Now Reach solution offer a range of benefits, including flexible call routing, call recording and reporting as well as options for desk phones, desktop, or mobile apps. If you’re still using traditional phone systems, it could be time to consider a smarter option.
A typical n3 Member saves 8% with Now Business.3

At Now Business, we’re focused on providing the right telco solution with an enjoyable Kiwi experience. With multiple awards up our sleeve, including Best Business Broadband Provider at the recent NZ Compare Awards, we commit to giving every business the human touch – that means chatting to real people, expert help, easy escalation and quick responses and solutions.
If you’d like to discuss your telco needs further, enquire today. We’ll happily provide a free, no-obligation telco assessment for enquiries received before 30 June 2024. 

1Business Connectivity Research, July 2022, Chorus
2MBNZ Spring 2023 report found average peak time speeds of: Everyday ADSL: 9 mbps download, 1mbps upload; Everyday VDSL: 37mbps download, 10mbps upload; Everyday Fibre 300: 309mbps download, 108 mbps upload; Fibre 900: 880 mbps download, 498mbps upload.Actual speeds will be affected by various factors including NZ and overseas networks, your router and computer technology, internal wiring and other environmental factors.
3The savings presented are indicative only, and based on typical n3 member savings and/or supplier tender responses from a combination of list price, trade price or RRP depending on category. Savings are meant as a guide only. Savings will vary depending on basket of goods purchased.

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